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Delaying needed dental care is something that too many patients accept, often due to an inability to afford treatments and procedures when they are needed. Fortunately, Sunbit financing is available to help these types of patients who may not be able to handle the costs of dental work, but will be able to do so in the future. 

Preventative Dental Care

You will save money in the long run by keeping up with preventative dental care. By regularly visiting your dentist for routine appointments like dental cleaning and dental exams, you can help prevent costly and expensive dental procedures from becoming necessary down the road.


Maintaining your routine preventative dental care appointments is much easier on your teeth and mouth – not to mention your wallet – by helping you achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

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If you cannot currently afford needed dental care, you should look into Sunbit dental financing. This is a buy now, pay later solution that is available to patients through your dental office.

Sunbit Features

  • 85% application success rate
  • Financing for dental procedures up to $10,000
  • Six or 12-month payment plans available

Sunbit technology provides everything needed to complete the application, as well as for managing the collections process. Your dentist will receive payment immediately, and you can go ahead and have the dental work that you need performed before problems become worse and more expensive.

Sunbit offers a very fast and effective patient financing process that means that you will not need to scramble for financing solutions and delay your needed dental care. By applying for Sunbit, your credit will not be affected in any way.

Pay now or pay more later.

Dental problems don’t typically go away on their own. In fact, delaying dental treatments and procedures will mean that you will pay more in the long run when your condition has progressed further. For example, if you have gum disease and do not have it treated early enough, it can progress into a more serious, irreversible form that can eventually threaten the loss of your teeth.

Buy taking advantage of convenient Sunbit dental financing, you can go ahead and get treated as soon as a problem is detected so that the situation does not become intractable in the future. This will help ensure that the health and appearance of your teeth, gums, and smile remain intact and that the only dental appointments that you will require are routine dental exam and cleaning visits for maintenance.

For More Information

If you have been putting off needed dental work due to a lack of funds, Sunbit financing is available to help you receive the dental care that you need today to avoid more problems tomorrow. For more information about Sunbit, contact our office today.